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How Far Away Is Mars?

How Far Away Is Mars?

Video How Far Away Is Mars?

The fourth planet in our photo voltaic system, Mars, is usually seen as a yellow-orange star in our night time skies.

It’s most likely the more than likely planet to be considered Earth’s ‘sister’ world however, really, Mars is additional away from us than Venus and it’s fairly a bit smaller than our house planet.

Although it resides at a mean distance of almost 142 million miles from Earth, it comes shut sufficient to see its floor options with a easy telescope.

Planet Mars (supply)

Let’s learn the way and when this occurs.

The Distance of Mars From Earth Changes Over Time

At its closest potential method, Mars is 35.8 million miles away from Earth. Its closest method in 2022 is on 30 November, when will probably be 50.6 million miles away. The farthest Mars will get away from our planet is 249.1 million miles.

We know that Earth has an elliptical orbit across the Sun. Mars’ orbit, however, is extra oval in comparison with Earth’s. In addition to this, Earth’s closeness to the Sun leads it to finish two orbits within the time that it takes Mars to finish one.

As a outcome, as each planets revolve of their respective orbits, the gap between then modifications. There are instances when Mars and its two moons are behind the Sun, which results in the alignment of Mars, the Sun, and Earth. At this level, referred to as a conjunction, Mars is as far-off as it may be from Earth, at almost 249.1 million miles (401 million kilometers).

As the gap retains altering, Mars’ closest method to Earth happens when each planets are on the identical facet of the Sun, referred to as opposition. At this time, Earth is positioned in between our Sun and Mars, decreasing the gap between planets to almost 35.8 million miles (57.6 million kilometers).

Although the Martian orbital interval is about 23 months, opposition happens each 26 months (two years and two months, or 791 days to be precise). During every of those instances, Mars is closest to Earth and shines the biggest and brightest. In truth, its obvious magnitude modifications from -0.5 to -2.7 because it strikes from its farthest away to its nearest, respectively.

Changes in dimension and magnitude as Mars approaches opposition (supply)

Since there isn’t any clear minimize reply to the gap between Earth and Mars, we will as a substitute attempt to perceive Mars’ closest, farthest, and common distances with respect to Earth.

Mars’ Closest Approach to Earth

Mars is closest to Earth throughout its opposition when Mars is on the identical facet of the Sun as Earth however straight reverse the Sun in our sky. The smallest that this distance will be is 35.8 million miles (57.6 million km). The planets’ orbits make opposition occur each 26 months.

The dates and distances for the subsequent few oppositions are given beneath:

DateDistanceApparent MagnitudeConstellation

The proven fact that each Earth and Mars orbit in elliptical orbits signifies that there might be modifications in them over time. The closest method of the 2 planets was in 2018, when it was as shut as 35.8 million miles, a distance that it’s going to not repeat till September 2035.

Opposition is the perfect time to see Mars out of your yard. Use an appropriate planetary telescope and look to its floor, by means of the virtually non-existent Martian environment, to spy Mars’ main floor options.

Mars’ Furthest Distance From the Sun

Mars is furthest from Earth at photo voltaic conjunctions. The most distance that this may be is 249.1 million miles (401 million km).

The dates for the subsequent few photo voltaic conjunctions are given beneath:


During photo voltaic conjunctions, Mars might be on the opposite facet of the Sun, nearer to it than to Earth. It may have a separation of solely 0 levels and 16 seconds, making it unimaginable to watch underneath the Sun’s glare. This can also be the time that Mars is smallest and faintest.

Average Distance of Mars

The closest and furthest distances of Mars from Earth occur each 26 months. The common distance of Mars from Earth hovers round 142 million miles (229 million km).

Now, you will need to word that these figures will not be set in stone, however are helpful approximations to recollect.

How Long Does it Take to Get to Mars?

It takes wherever between 39 days to 333 days for a spaceship to get to Mars. Light, however, travels to Mars in 12 minutes and 42 seconds at its common distance of 142 million miles.

So far, on this article, now we have realized the gap from Earth to Mars at two vital factors in its orbit. We can now proceed to know how lengthy it takes to get to the well-known crimson planet.

There are two methods to go about this. First, we are going to have a look at the time mild takes to succeed in Mars.

Next, we are going to board a spaceship (imaginatively, after all) and see how lengthy it’ll take us to journey to the fourth planet in our photo voltaic system (we can’t journey on the velocity of sunshine, so this ought to be an attention-grabbing evaluation).

Let’s go!

How Long Does Light Take to Travel from Mars to Earth?

Light travels the quickest of all identified objects as a result of it has no mass. Its velocity is a whopping 186,282 miles per second. At this price, let’s check out the shortest, longest, and the typical time for mild to journey between the 2 planets:

Shortest = 35.8 million miles (57.6 million km) = 193 seconds = 3 minutes and 13 seconds.

Average = 142 million miles (229 million km) = 762.2 seconds = 12 minutes and 42 seconds.

Furthest = 249 million miles (401 million km) = 1336.6 seconds = 22 minutes and 16 seconds.

At its common distance of 142 million miles, mild takes 12 minutes and 42 seconds to succeed in Earth from Mars. As the planets orbit the Sun, this time varies between 3 minutes 13 seconds and 22 minutes 16 seconds.

This additionally implies that if you have a look at Mars within the morning skies, you might be seeing it because it appeared at the least 3 minutes 13 seconds in the past and perhaps so long as 22 minutes 16 seconds in the past!

These calculations are if we may journey on the velocity of sunshine, which, sadly, we can’t. So let’s have a look at how lengthy it might take us people to get to Mars.

How Long Does it Take a Spaceship to Travel to Mars?

A spaceship takes round 9 months to journey to Mars from Earth.

Until now, now we have been centered on understanding how Mars’ and Earth’s orbits work. In order to get to Mars, contemplating the velocity of our spaceship and the route it takes can also be essential. Let’s check out previous missions to see how lengthy they took:

MissionLaunch DateTravel Time (in days)

In addition to the velocity of the spaceship, the journey time to Mars additionally is determined by the trail taken.

The shortest distance is a straight line between the 2 planets. However, for the reason that planets are always in movement, the trail we comply with isn’t so simple. Also, a spacecraft’s velocity has to sluggish because it reaches Mars in order that it may be captured by its gravitational area (and never fly away into area as a consequence of excessive velocity).

It takes between 128 days to 333 days to fly to Mars in a spacecraft.

The quickest spacecraft ever launched from Earth was the New Horizons which explored Pluto. At its report velocity of 36,000 miles per hour, if New Horizons have been launched for Mars, it might take 942 hours or 39 days to succeed in.

The shortest time a spacecraft has taken to get to Mars from Earth is 128 days (Mariner 7). The longest journey took 333 days (Viking 2).


Mars is an enchanting planet that strikes nearer in the direction of after which additional away from us as we each orbit the solar.

Although it could be much less fairly when it’s far-off, its oppositions happen as soon as each 26 months, throughout which it’s going to shine seven instances brighter than at its dimmest.

While we can’t hop on a spacecraft simply but to go to Mars, remembering these ideas subsequent time you look on the crimson planet will make your observations extra attention-grabbing!

Want to learn extra, click on right here to seek out out why Mars is crimson.

Written by Sharmila Kunthuner

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