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How to Answer Are you willing to Travel? Question

How to Answer Are you willing to Travel? Question

Whenever the query “ Are you willing to travel ” is requested, it’s primarily for causes relating to a job which an employer is providing and asks such a query to see whether or not the particular person is willing to journey for the job which can be at a faraway location.

If the particular person desires the job ought to spontaneous and assured sufficient to present that there isn’t any doubt when answering.

Are you willing to Travel
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Answering ‘Are You Willing to Travel?’ Interview Questions:

Visiting and exploring new locations by touring is at all times a enjoyable factor however when you are on work then the scenario can be completely completely different.

Also one should perceive that there’s a lot of distinction between job relocation and job-related touring.

You might be having a gala time in case your journey is sponsored by the corporate, as in such instances more often than not your bills might be paid by your group. But this doesn’t occur in all conditions. When you are in job-related journey, not each time you might be ready to get pleasure from the brand new place however relatively can be finishing the work and returning again.

Also, your time period of touring might be 1 day to 1 week or generally a number of months. There are cases the place the corporate wouldn’t pay you something if you took further time or stayed again there for lengthy.

What Does “WILLINGNESS TO TRAVEL” Really Mean?

There are primarily 2 sorts of touring

  1. Seasonal touring: Where the touring can be for a number of months or weeks

2. Regular touring: Travel primarily based on a proportion calculated upon a month or yr.

Overall that is additionally a beautiful job for individuals who love touring. The solely downside with such a job can be longer touring time and fewer resting time. It may additionally have an effect on your private life in addition to your well being. Though most individuals out of pleasure, reply as ‘YES’, later due to hectic work schedule they won’t be able to handle.

So earlier than taking any such choice, it’s higher to ask a number of questions to the employer to get a transparent thought. Some of them are,

  • Will travelling be intense?
  • What in regards to the bills? (what all might be coated)
  • How ought to the proportion quantity be calculated? Yearly or month-to-month?
  • How a lot of touring can be wanted on a median?

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Now if you have gotten clear and convincing solutions for the above-mentioned questions then you can craft your reply accordingly.

So there are particular issues that the particular person wants to have in mind when they’re answering the employer as there shouldn’t be any doubt whereas telling it to them and a few of these factors ought to be saved in thoughts.

20 Tips to Answer Are You Willing to Travel or Relocate for the Job:

1. Let them know you need to do your job nicely:

The preferrred cause when the particular person is responding to such a query can be for the employer to perceive that the particular person would really like to do their job nicely sufficient.

No matter when the query asks concerning touring for the job, the primary intention is that the particular person ought to perceive that they want to let the employer know that they need to do their job nicely always.

2. Get all the knowledge earlier than answering:

Before reply such a query requested by the employer or any particular person, the person wants to get all the knowledge concerning it as quickly as attainable in order that the person can have a greater and broader perspective concerning the job. So get all the knowledge concerning the job earlier than making a last choice after which give it some thought for some time and submit a last choice to the employer.

3. Ask how a lot time to be spent:

Before giving a choice to the employer, the particular person wants to ask them how a lot time might be spent out once they go on the street as this info is de facto primary which is to be recognized by them.

The particular person wants to know the way a lot quantity of their work might be spent out in touring. They additionally want to know the way a lot time will take to journey together with what number of nights or days the particular person might be out on their job on the street away from their residence.

4. Ask a time breakdown on the street:

When the employer asks or tells the person who they are going to be touring for some half, then the particular person wants to ask the employer for the way lengthy will they be away, will it’s for a very long time which even can go completely or will it’s for a brief foundation.

Will it’s for a very long time for a yr or months or will it’s for a number of days? There is an enormous distinction between the non permanent and everlasting touring which the particular person ought to know nicely earlier than giving any last choice.

5. Are all of the bills going to pay:

The particular person must also discover out from the employer that what all bills may incur through the journey and the way a lot of it should the corporate pay. The particular person can ask sure questions whether or not the particular person wants to use his automotive for touring, whether or not will they get any type of bonus or any additional time when they’re on these journeys or will all requirements resembling meals, clothes, and shelter be coated throughout this journey for the particular person.

6. Know that your loved ones aggresses with it:

Before deciding whether or not the person is prepared for touring they want to know that their partner together with different members of the family are okay with touring and it shouldn’t disrupt any type of household concord and know that the particular person’s household can afford them to go for this journey. But the particular person ought to know that of their absence, their household ought to proceed correctly doing their every day duties and never be too reliable on the person happening the journey.

7. Talk about touring positively:

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When the employer asks the particular person concerning whether or not or not they’re willing to journey for a job they want to discuss it positively in order that the employer is aware of that the person desires to work.

Talking about how touring has labored positively for them previously ought to be instructed and allow them to know that touring has benefited them regarding their training in addition to coaching previously, thus making them acquainted with various things round them.

8. Talk about accountability within the job:

Talking about how dedicated the particular person is with regards to the job they’re at present doing lets the employer know that they need to do their job nicely even when it does contain some a part of touring. When such a query requested about touring then the particular person should be dedicated that they need to work nicely and allow them to know that they’ll depend on them when it comes to the query of job accountability regardless of the place the job is.

9. Tell them that touring improves the corporate’s networking:

One of the advantages that an individual or an organization will get once they journey on their job is to enhance the variety of contacts with themselves and the corporate they’re working for. When such a query concerning whether or not or not the particular person would need to journey, they want to let their employer know that these varieties of advantages can occur and it’ll assist the corporate making a number of contacts when they’re out touring.

10. Travelling can develop one’s alternatives:

When the query concerning touring arises, the particular person ought to first understand that such a journey might enhance alternative of their life later sooner or later. So as soon as they understand that they want to let their employer know that they’re willing to work for the corporate and journey for the job, they need to inform it immediately with none delay.

11. Don’t’ complain without delay:

When the employer asks the particular person whether or not or not they’re willing to journey, the particular person shouldn’t begin complaining about it to them on the first instantaneous itself. They ought to first collect all the knowledge concerning the journey alternative after which give a sound choice and never complain as it could possibly lay a foul impression about them to their employer. They might even assume that the particular person isn’t within the job alternative offered to them right now.

12. Don’t discuss earlier unhealthy experiences:

In the previous, it might have occurred with the person who their journey expertise didn’t work out nicely with them. They ought to know that in this time when a brand new journey alternative concerning their job offered to them, they shouldn’t point out any of their earlier previous unhealthy experiences or any type of misfortunes that occurred earlier than their journey begins. It might lay an impression on the employer that this particular person can’t belief with something main.

13. Don’t discuss something off-topic:

Whenever an individual speaks about touring outdoors the town they’re at present dwelling in, even whether it is relating to their job, at first of their head issues like sightseeing comes up simply because they’re going out on touring.

So every time the employer is speaking a couple of touring journey regarding enterprise then they have to not discuss something associated to sightseeing always in order that the employer doesn’t assume that the particular person will lack or fail within the job that they’ve to do.

14. Don’t begin speaking about household tasks:

Everyone who’s working is especially for themselves of their on a regular basis life or for his or her household for supporting them so it’s apparent that everybody has household tasks to be fulfilled. So they need to know that their household doesn’t want them always though they could be out for some time.

So the particular person shouldn’t inform their employer that they’ve household tasks and might’t make it and never give a really lengthy description of it, as you might miss such a possibility.

15. Don’t discuss journey choice:

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This says that the particular person shouldn’t let their employer know the proportion or give a quantity to how a lot quantity of touring they want to do when they’re despatched out for journey.

They shouldn’t point out, any type of quantity whether or not excessive or low in the direction of what number of days they like to be touring. If they make such a mistake they could face issues in the mean time on their journey or might even have inconveniences afterward of their subsequent touring alternative.

16. Don’t discuss touring as a burden:

Whenever the particular person is giving any type of reply to the employer concerning the reply in the direction of whether or not or not they’re willing to journey they shouldn’t refer in the direction of this touring alternative as a burden on their life and without delay present negativity in the direction of it.

If they accomplish that without delay the employer will understand that they don’t seem to be match sufficient for this sort of a job at this second and will not even be prepared afterward sooner or later too and they also want to bear in mind that they don’t reply on this method.

17. Answer the query truthfully:

Whenever this sort of query requested by the employer whether or not or not they’re willing to journey for the job, the particular person ought to do not forget that they need to at all times reply the query truthfully.

There isn’t any compulsion of their work life whether or not they have to go for this journey right now and in the event that they aren’t prepared fully they are often sincere and decline the chance.

18. Mention all limitations regarding touring:

When the query arises concerning the willingness of the particular person to journey, if they’ve any type of limitations of their life they want to be clear once they communicate to the employer about it.

If the particular person does have to journey on weekends for instance then they have to let their employer know that they aren’t comfy with it and can solely have the ability to journey on weekdays. The particular person ought to let the employer learn about this initially.

19. Ask all the mandatory questions:

Following up on all that has been stated by the employer whether or not or not the particular person is willing to journey for his or her job, the particular person wants to ask a number of additional questions in order that they’re clarified with every part and know every part intimately.

Asking all kinds of questions will get the particular person a possibility to get extra info concerning their journey and lets the employer additionally know that the particular person on this journey alternative and lets each of them stay sincere sufficient with one another.

20. Emphasize on the corporate whereas talking:

When the journey alternative is being mentioned by the employer the particular person wants to emphasize extra on the corporate relatively than fascinated by themselves. Certain issues like staying in a free lodge room or getting an opportunity to journey in new locations ought to overshadow and the advantages of the job and firm ought to be targeted on.

Are you willing to Travel Sample Answers:



How to Answer “ARE YOU WILLING TO TRAVEL?”: Do’s and Dont’s?


  1. Include speaking about networking experiences you had
  2. Show them that you perceive the job position very nicely
  3. Share your constructive journey occasions


  1. Do not embrace your holidays or household journeys
  2. Also, embrace few unhealthy experiences by which you can study one thing
  3. Do not point out a selected availability interval
  4. Lying about your availability


So an important factor when such a query or one thing related to this could be for each the employer and the worker is, to be sincere with each other. Both of them ought to put the corporate forward of themselves individually and may see in what method they’ll enhance in doing the job and see progress inside them making the most of such a possibility offered to them.

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