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How to get started in travel nursing as a new graduate

How to get started in travel nursing as a new graduate

Young female nurse learning how to get started in travel nursing as a new graduate
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You need to work as a travel nurse, however you simply graduated from nursing faculty — how do you get started on a travel nursing profession? While it’s true that RNnetwork requires at the very least one 12 months of medical expertise earlier than you possibly can start touring (and lots of healthcare amenities require much more), this doesn’t imply you’ve to put your goals on maintain. We requested a seasoned recruiter and a number of other of our nurses for his or her recommendations on how to get started in travel nursing. Here’s what they stated.

Write down a plan

When you’re working towards a aim like travel nursing and wish at the very least a 12 months to obtain it, it’s useful to write the particular steps you want to take to get there. It could also be useful to ask your self questions like:

  • What is your required specialty and what expertise does it require?
  • Do you’ve associates in that specialty you possibly can discuss to?
  • Are alternatives out there to acquire expertise in your specialty at your hospital?

If you do have a chance to acquire the wanted expertise at your present place of employment, write down a shift schedule and work out for those who can take further work right here and there in these areas. Even a few hours each month can add up to a lot of expertise for if you’re prepared to travel.

Talk to a recruiter when contemplating a specialty

If you’re undecided what you’d like to specialize in however undoubtedly need to travel in the longer term, think about speaking to an RNnetwork recruiter. They can let you know which specialties have the very best demand for travel nurses and what the common salaries are primarily based on specialty and site.

“Pay varies from state to state and city to city, and there are always critical needs,” senior RNnetwork recruiter Dorothy Etchells says. “As a new travel nurse, your best bet is usually to go where there is the highest demand. Your dream spot might not be your first assignment, but you can get there eventually.”

You may go to a travel nursing job board to see which specialties have probably the most out there jobs. In-demand jobs can range, so test again commonly to see which specialties constantly have the very best demand. Med/surg and ER nurses often have many alternatives, however ICU and labor and supply nurses are additionally in demand.

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“In some specialties, like NICU, there might not be as many jobs — but there are fewer people trying to get that job, too,” Dorothy factors out.

Get expertise in a specialty you’re enthusiastic about

While take-home pay and job availability is vital, it’s additionally vital to select a specialty primarily based in your character and pursuits.

“New grads often go through certain clinical rotations where they go to different specialties, so I ask, ‘Where’s your passion, and where do you think is a good fit?’” Dorothy says. “Try to get your foot in the door of a hospital, and from there you can always pick up an extra shift where your passion lies. You can hopefully transfer to that department, cross-train, or start looking for different jobs, but realize you might have to start in med/surg.”

Once you discover your ardour, Dorothy says, get your BLS or ACLS certifications and proceed getting expertise. If it’s an possibility in your state, get your multi-state license by way of the eNLC.

Experience in different healthcare positions may be invaluable as nicely. Matt Pietraszewski, an ER nurse from Maine, labored as an ER tech for a 12 months throughout nursing faculty.

“I wanted to start from the bottom and work my way up,” he says. “I didn’t want to be a nurse and delegate to someone below me when I’ve never actually done their job,”

Consider whether or not you’re getting numerous expertise

“Some specialties, like ER, ICU, and OR, require two years of experience because facilities offer very little orientation,” Dorothy says. “If you work one year in ER at Duke University versus a little community hospital, you might have plenty of clinical skills. Try to experience all you can.”

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Dorothy notes you can strive to work on completely different instances inside your specialty as nicely. For instance, for those who work in the working room however solely assist with labor and supply, you’re restricted to fewer travel nursing jobs.

Allison Bouck, a essential care nurse from Chicago, recollects finding out for a essential care certification examination and realizing she wished much less specialization in her profession.

“I was studying for that test after working in burns for a year or less, and I realized there were so many things I wasn’t seeing every day,” she recollects. “In my last assignment, I was working in a medical and surgical ICU and saw general respiratory complications, STDs, high blood pressure, and GI surgery.”

Be versatile when selecting your first project

Dreaming of seeing the Northern Lights in Alaska or enjoyable on a seashore in Hawaii? Those jobs are on the market, however they might not be out there proper if you start touring.

“Many facilities want more experience. Some facilities want two years of clinical experience, and others want two years plus travel experience,” Dorothy explains. “There’s a certain risk with a first-time traveler, so a lot of facilities in really desirable spots want you to come in and not be homesick your first week.”

She recommends taking an project solely an hour or two away from house in your first time. “This way, you know what travel is all about, but you’re still close to your support network,” Dorothy says.

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When requested how to get started in travel nursing, Matt says it’s vital to collect loads of info.

“Do your research. A lot of people jump into travel nursing and kind of sink before they can swim,” he says. “Spend a lot of time talking to someone and be prepared, but don’t be too anxious about starting.”

Start placing cash apart for touring

One of the simplest methods you possibly can put together for a travel nursing profession is by saving as a lot as you possibly can for future assignments. You could find yourself with gaps between jobs, even for a month or two, and wish a nest egg to fall again on.

Saving for travel jobs additionally ensures you’ve a little bit of spending cash if you do make it to your dream vacation spot. You could even have the flexibleness and earnings to travel the world if you’re not working.

Bob Goldnetz, an ICU nurse from Virginia, says he usually works six days in a row to get pleasure from a week off. He additionally takes a month or two off between assignments to discover different nations.

“Being a nurse has been everything I ever could have dreamt or hoped for. I’m now the person I used to look up to, which I think is pretty cool. In nursing school it’s late nights and hard work, and there’s this far-off vision that you see,” he says. “It’s great to go to a country for a couple days or a couple weeks or even just another part of the U.S. It’s nice to take some more time to really get immersed and experience the culture in that place.”

Getting started in travel nursing is simple with the correct preparation, and we’re right here to assist! Call us at 800.866.0407 or view at this time’s job openings.

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