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How to Write a Travel Article Pitch that Sells–In 15 Minutes

How to Write a Travel Article Pitch that Sells–In 15 Minutes

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When it comes to pitching, I have a tendency to learn a lot extra blogs, web sites and books about different sorts of journalism—every part from enterprise to well being to worldwide information.

I’m not saying that journey writers (those that have a lot of assignments) don’t understand how to pitch, however it simply appears that not a lot of parents speak about, particularly, how to write pitches in the best way you want to to be a well-paid, busy author:

  • clearly
  • rapidly
  • with out a lot of emotional funding

A Pitch A Day Keeps the Doubts Away

There are two key issues that I’ve seen that unites almost each one that is in a position to do that job properly and lengthy sufficient to be a full-time, non-trust-fund freelance, journey author:

  • not getting hung up on pitching
  • doing it often, not simply after they’re out of labor

In my very own journey as a freelance journey author, I’ve really discovered that these two issues are two sides of the identical coin.

It may not be true for everybody, however I really feel like:

Being in a position to let go of your pitches is a partial results of having many in circulation. You don’t begin worrying about anybody if there’s a number of them on the market and at the very least a handful are getting responses.

Sales folks name this the legislation of averages. Not due to the psychological facet, nevertheless, however as a result of regardless of how well-qualified a goal or well-aimed a pitch, issues don’t work out each time, so that you want to have a lot of issues going out to find yourself with sufficient coming in.

The actually excessive finish of that is to be so busy sending out pitches and dealing on the issues that are available that you by no means even comply with up, however I simply need to take one second to say I don’t advocate that.

To put it extra clearly (and we’ll have a complete week about when, how, and why to do that later): all the time comply with up in your pitches.

Lots of people get a massive portion of their assignments that manner and there are some actually clear causes behind this that we’ll delve into. But, for now, again to getting that first pitch out. Quickly. And properly.

The Beauty of the Blitz

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I’m a main…no, let’s say inordinately big fan of the pitch blitz.

When you’re in a interval of actually needing to fill in your work calendar quick, that is the best way to go. But if it takes you two to six hours to write every journey article pitch (some numbers that I’ve heard from new of us in numerous writing teams I’m a a part of), how will you presumably get a good variety of pitches out in someday, weekend, or week? (I like 25 personally)

Another author on writing that I’m a big fan of has a complete course constructed round sending out 30 Queries in 30 Days that takes a factory-style specialization strategy to batching the work that goes into pitching so you possibly can prep a lot of concepts and get into circulate state on every half—

  • researching concepts,
  • validating concepts,
  • researching magazines,
  • and discovering editor contact information

—so that the ultimate pitch writing doesn’t really feel like work in any respect, however somewhat a easy placing down of knowledge that’s already rattling round in your head.

While this works nice for blitzing, what about while you simply need to get one or a couple pitches out to do your apple a day and maintain the (*15*) blues away?

This is the place the 15-minute (Max! Seriously! Don’t take extra time) pitch plan comes into play.

By setting a timer—although it turns into extra automated with sufficient follow—you may get stellar pitches out quick with out dropping into the pit of unending concept technology, journal analysis, and “is this sentence catchy enough” malaise.

Ready, Set, Assignment

This pitch plan methodology presupposes that you have already got a good concept in thoughts and a journal that is a match for it.

I preface by saying this, as a result of that is a step that a lot… I’d say at the very least 80% of writers who suppose they need to be getting responses, and aren’t, skip.

We’ll cowl this in a lot higher depth in a few weeks although in the event you need assistance with this juncture.

Okay, let’s get to it.

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All pitches are primarily composed of three issues:

  • the lead/lede or intro
  • the define on the way you’ll write the piece/what it is going to be about
  • the “I’m so great” (ISG) paragraph or why you need to be the one to write it

The lead comes out of your analysis on the concept. The define comes out of your analysis of the journal or web site you’re pitching. The ISG is one thing that it is best to have on file and tweak as wanted or give you the option to write in a single minute.

We’re really going to work backwards. It’s simpler to begin with what you realize greatest. And everybody hates arising with a intelligent lead.

Work Backwards

Minute 1: Fill within the blanks


Examples for the second clean are issues like: I’ve simply returned from trekking in Borneo (for a piece about unbiased journey in Borneo); I’m a licensed sommelier (for a piece about Israel’s new wine areas); I’ve been mountain biking for 25 years (for a profile on the highest feminine mountain biker on the earth).

Don’t take greater than two minutes on this. It ought to take 20 seconds.

Fill In the Middle

Minute 3: Skim the final 3 articles like this in your goal Make notes on:

  • the phrase rely
  • the model (is it first particular person? third particular person reported? catchy and salesy? newsy and dry? filled with buzzwords or native lingo for coloration?
  • the variety of interviews (if any)
  • the construction (is it in sections like a round-up? is there an information field?

Take one minute every max. Seriously.

Minute 6: Fill within the blanks

In this ___-word _____ (model of piece: characteristic, interview, profile, vacation spot piece, round-up, and so forth.), I’ll present readers _________ [chose one]:

  • [TEASE THREE UNUSUAL THINGS ABOUT YOUR SUBJECT] used for profiles or brief entrance of e-book items on new locations or issues
  • [HIGHLIGHT THREE THINGS THAT WILL BE IN YOUR ROUND-UP AND WHY EACH IS IMPORTANT] for round-up journal articles or checklist weblog posts

Add the Cherry on Top

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Minute 10: Find the hook Look by way of your analysis on this concept—i.e. notes if it’s from a journey you’ve been on or no matter gave you the concept within the first place if it’s one thing you’ll analysis extra after you get the task—for what made you suppose this concept was value writing about.

Was there a too-good-to-be-true statistic that a tour information dropped that is definitely right? (For occasion, “Uzbekistan is the third largest exporter of apricots in the world.”)

Is this the one factor of its type on the earth or the nation? (i.e. “France has more volcanos than any other Western European country.”)

Was there one picture or expertise that stood out so clearly that you realize another person would need to replicate it? (like “on the super secret behind-the-scenes tour of Grand Central you can enter a place typically reserved only for the standing president of the United States.”)

Write that down in a single to two sentences (ideally not more than 50 to 100 phrases). That’s your lead.

Minute 15: Write your topic line by filling within the blanks


The title ought to spotlight the distinctive facet of your concept, like:

  • Unearthing Rare Truffles Under 5 Feet of Snow
  • Trend Alert: Skinny Dipping in Piranha-filled Waters
  • Forget Lavender—Provence is the New Adventure Sport Capital of France
  • Ireland’s 12,000-year-old Cheesemaking Tradition

Now hit ship!

Please be aware that that is a extremely simplified pitch plan components greatest used for fast pitches and easy items. A.Ok.A. Don’t use it to pitch a 15-page characteristic to the New Yorker. I’ve, nevertheless, used this as a gap salvo for feature-length articles in small or regional magazines. Editors love brief, to-the-point pitches. It saves them triage time.

However, I’ve really discovered and seen in lots of courses on pitching that these fast pitches appear (that is anecdotal, however I might get some numbers if persons are ) to lead to extra assignments—I feel as a result of you aren’t obsessing.

Now, what are you ready for? Set the clock for 15 minutes!

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