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Pioneer History—Westward Expansion Timeline

Pioneer History—Westward Expansion Timeline

As a brand new nation, the United States boasted freedom and alternative, notably within the West, the place there have been huge expanses of land and, later, rumors of gold. Many pioneers moved west hoping to personal land and begin contemporary. Read a pioneer historical past beneath and take a look at our Westward growth timeline.

Westward Expansion

Early pioneers prolonged American settlements to the Mississippi Valley. Later pioneers settled the Great Plains and the West Coast. The Oregon Trail was some of the traveled trails heading west. What was the Oregon Trail? It began in Independence, Missouri, and handed by way of present-day Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho, and Oregon. Approximately 500,000 individuals made the journey on foot, in coated wagon trains, or on horseback on the Oregon Trail and two different well-known trails: the California Trail and the Mormon Trail.

Along their approach west, American pioneers handed well-known landmarks and forts, together with Chimney Rock, Fort Laramie, Independence Rock, and Fort Bridger. Traces of the paths they took can nonetheless be seen at this time, with wheel tracks and names carved into stone.

Westward Expansion Timeline

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Major political and social occasions impressed many individuals to make the transfer west. Rumors of wealthy farming lands in Oregon, gold in California, and refuge throughout the nation satisfied many to take the dangers of pioneer journey and pursue a greater life. However, rumors weren’t the one power at work. Some main occasions helped speed up the motion.

The Louisiana Purchase in 1803 was one of many first occasions that inspired individuals to maneuver west. In this buy, the United States acquired the Louisiana Territory and opened 828,000 sq. miles of land for settlers. It value the federal government over $15 million (the equal of over $570 billion1 in at this time’s market).

Later, the invention of gold in California in 1848 impressed lots of of hundreds to maneuver west and mine the lands, regardless of the efforts of discoverers James Wilson Marshall and John Sutter to maintain it quiet. By the tip of the California Gold Rush, miners extracted a complete of 750,000 kilos of gold, value roughly $2 billion.2

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Other occasions, such because the Homestead Act of 1862—which provided settlers the chance to homestead 160 acres of free land, the migration of Mormon pioneers in search of refuge, and the choice of the Mexican authorities to permit United States residents to settle the Texas territory have been all forces behind the growth of the American West.

Other Sides of the Story

Life for the American pioneers was not all the time simple. Most left household and pals behind with the opportunity of by no means seeing them once more. Along the best way, many pioneers confronted very actual risks resembling illness, drowning, runaway coated wagons on steep hillsides, unintentional discharge of weapons, and hostile encounters.

For many Native Americans, the western growth meant dangers and modifications to their lifestyle. Some peaceable encounters occurred between pioneers and Native Americans, resembling Native Americans instructing pioneers deal with bears or the 2 teams cohabitating. However, many tribes have been displaced, or skilled loss on account of battle or illnesses because of the western growth.

Where Do Your Ancestors Fit Into All This?

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By the tip of the 1800s, lots of of hundreds of individuals made the journey. If your ancestors lived within the United States, chances are high no less than one in all them was a pioneer. With so many desirable tales surrounding the American pioneers and their journeys west, your ancestors’ tales is perhaps amongst them. Search HouseholdSearch information to be taught extra:

Already have a HouseholdSearch household tree? Discover your pioneer ancestors.

There are many different useful pioneer collections accessible. These wiki pages can level you to vital pioneer report collections (although not all of them are freely accessible):

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